Smoking Cessation

Smoking cessation is discontinuing the use of tobacco for at least 6 months. Tobacco contains nicotine which is addictive and often makes the process of quitting difficult.


  • To prolong life
  • Improve health
  • Look better
  • Improve sense of smell and taste


It is better to try quitting than do nothing. Remember that each time you resist, you are one step closer to being tobacco free.

  • Nicotine replacement therapy: short-acting nicotine therapy can help overcome cravings
  • Avoid triggers: identify trigger and have plans to avoid them
  • Delay: although urge may be intense, they usually pass in 5-10 minutes
  • Chew: chew on something crunchy and satisfying to keep mouth busy
  • Focus on benefits: write it down or say it out loud to remind you of what you are gaining
  • Physical activity: this can help you get distracted from cravings and reduce their intensity
  • Practice relaxation techniques: you probably used smoking to relieve stress so resisting maybe stressful so find alternative relaxation technique to relieve stress
  • Reinforcement: get family members or friends to support you or join a community support group

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